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Private/semiprivate lessons

1)A pack of 10 session purchased is valid until the end of the season July 1st.

2)1/10 private sessions are able to be moved (with 24 hours’ notice) to another time slot within 14 days of the scheduled session.

3) No Private/Semi-Private lessons may continue past the 2nd session if dues for previous lessons have not been settled.

4)Singular paid sessions do not guarantee their slot to be secured on a weekly basis.

5)Private or Semi-Private lessons may be re-scheduled to another date or time subject to coach’s availability or cancelled after confirming the booking. However, this must be communicated with at least 24hrs notice. Failure to do so will incur full charges being applied.

6) It is the responsibility of the respective players in a Semi-Private lesson to inform each other if they are unable to attend. The absent player who failed to do so will not be compensated with a replaced lesson and will be charged if they fail to communicate this within the 24-hour notice period.

7)Should clients arrive late past the appointed start time, Tennis Health world is not obliged to extend the duration of the lesson beyond the appointed end time.

8) Our coaches are fully committed to being present for every lesson, ahead or on time.

9) No refunds for unused or unfinished sessions will be given. In the event of medical proof provided for prolonged illnesses or extended injury unused sessions may be extended past the end of the season.

Adult/Junior Group lessons

1)Students are confirmed for a spot in group lessons with term payment. Students can pay in advance for one session to trial then they must make payment for the term before the next lesson to be able to attend. Failure to do so will result in the place being open to others.

2)Group lessons must be attended and abided according to all our set term dates.

3) Students enrolling after the term start will be charged for the number of remaining lessons in the term, starting from their 1st lesson attended, pro-rated at our per session rates. There is no concession for lessons missed in between.

4) There will be no re-scheduling or replacement dates for group lessons missed, unless lessons are cancelled by Tennis Health World due to poor weather or unavoidable facility issues.

5) Should students arrive late, past the appointed start time, Tennis Health World is not obliged to extend the duration of the lesson beyond the appointed end time.

6) No refunds for unused or unfinished lessons will be entertained passed the end of the term.

7) Tennis Health World does not do Make Up sessions. If a student is unable to attend due to Valid Medical reasons (doctors note needs to be seen) or reasons that is deemed acceptable by Tennis Health World, then they will be offered an alternative date on another day to attend. This must be used within 2 weeks of the missed lesson. This can be permitted for 1 session per term due to reasons that are deemed acceptable by Tennis Health World

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