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Coach Marcel

Coach Marcel

Was born in 18th November 1996

Cameroon is my country of origin

Very fluent in English and French

During my formative years in Cameroon, I honed my tennis skills on the local courts, fueled by a passion for the game and a drive for excellence. As Iprogressed, I quickly made a mark on the national tennis scene, clinching multiple national titles and representing my country in various regional and continental tournaments.
My dedication and talent caught the eye of scouts, leading to opportunities to compete on the international stage. Representing Cameroon with pride, I showcased my abilities in prestigious tournaments across the globe, facing off against top-ranked players and earning respect for my tenacity and skill. Throughout my journey, I've remained committed to continuous improvement, constantly refining my technique and strategy to stay ahead of the competition.


Coaching Background -  My Transitioning from coaching in Cameroon to Dubai can bring cultural and environmental changes. Embrace diversity and adapt your coaching style to suit the needs and expectations of my clients in Dubai. I Created a supportive and nurturing environment where clients feel valued and motivated to reach their full potential. Incorporate cultural sensitivity and empathy into my coaching approach to
foster trust and connection with my clients. Encourage open communication, active listening, and personalized goal- setting to ensure clients feel empowered and supported on their journey towards success.

Marcels Venues

The Els Club Padel
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