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Coach James

Date of Birth : 29/06/01
Country: United Kingdom 
Language spoken: English 
Coaching Background: LTA level 3 accredited coach 

James is an accomplished Tennis coach with a proven track record of helping players of all abilities in taking their tennis to the next level. Adept at helping others understand the basic fundamentals of tennis as well as the most up to date strategies tactically and technically. James has worked as part of a team with a proven track record for developing players at all levels alongside the LTA development pathway in England.
James has the knowledge and skill to develop core athleticism alongside strength and conditioning.
He is also very experienced in leading big groups of all ages and working in 1-2-1 situations and has a grest understanding of performance pathways and plaver development throughout the ages. Mainly specialising in developing younger players to high ability performance players and the deveopment of beginner and intermediate adult players. James is passionate about the sport of tennis and has a desire to help coach others to reach their highest potential.


James Venues

The Ritz Carlton

Dubai College

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